Agreement between Cyprus and European Union

Map of Cyprus in EuropeAn agreement was signed hours before the deadline in order to avoid the banking structure collapse between the President Anastasiades and the European Union heads, European central bank and the international monetary fund.

This plan has initiated by the finance ministers of the European zone and under this plan a financial meltdown will be allowed for the Mediterranean island by convoluting the state owned Popular bank of Cyprus that is also known as Laiki and it also includes shifting the deposits under the 100,000 Euros to the bank of Cyprus.
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Cyprus bailout spooks traders and causes the Euro to plunge

Eurozone bailout of CyprusThe financial turmoil in Cyprus has taken a toll on most of the major currencies in the world. The sad thing is that these ripples do not look like they are going to calm down any time soon. This week on Monday, March 18, the Euro took a dive after the announcement of the bailout plan for Cyprus.

One of the measures that are being put in place to facilitate this bailout is the taxation of bank deposits. This move has been seen by investors and traders as a high-risk move that may have an effect on other trading platforms and Eurozone area banks.
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Why the euro buoyance against the dollar?

Euro buoyancy against dollarThis week has proved quite newsworthy for many forex traders. The last few days have been specifically highlighted by the continued buoyancy of the euro against the dollar.

There are several reasons that this has taken place. Or primary importance is the fact that investor sentiment has begun to look favourably upon the Eurozone.

Many astute traders have expressed their growing confidence that this multinational economy has been through the worst.
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Why did the US dollar strengthen vs other currencies?

USD / EUR pairThis past week has been highlighted by a strengthening US dollar in comparison to its main counterparts. This movement could also be seen in the rather impressive stock market rally seen on the US markets Thursday. This, in turn, gave the dollar the apparent lead role as a safe haven currency as opposed to a weak Euro.

There are two main factors which have contributed to this rise on the Forex trading markets; binary options traders taking particular advantage of the rise in the greenback.
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The investors await the Greek voting

Voting in GreeceIn the latest round of forex trading news, the Euro has remained in its decidedly weak position in relation to the dollar as investors await the outcome regarding Greece’s parliamentary vote on the endorsement of yet another round of austerity measures.

These measures must be approved should the financially stricken country wish to receive the latest bailout package. This sentiment is further entrenched amongst the more bearish investors who feel that even should this package be approved, it is only a matter of time before Greece exits the Euro.
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Debt package agreements in European Union

European Central BankThe plight of debt-ridden European countries is still the most dominant factor in relation to the future value of the Euro in relation to other currencies.

This past week has witnessed a handful of developments which show strong indication that not only is the threat of a fiscal breakup more serious now than ever before, but there are also some beginning indications that the European Central Bank is becoming aware that the time and monetary allotments given to struggling countries such as Greece may not be enough.
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Low volatility of the European markets

Forex Binary trading, EUThe latest Forex trading news is centered around the relatively low volatility of the European markets this past week. With no major events in the economic calendar and few developments in European politics, trading has been light although we have finally seen a slight recorrection of the Euro’s performance against the value of the dollar. Some see this as a sign of an important top and therefore possibly a resistance level while others are cautious as they observe that the Euro is still impressively above the multi-year low seen in July.

Spain’s 2013 budget

One major factor which will not only play directly into Forex trading but affect overall market sentiment is the impending announcement for Spain’s 2013 budget. Most expect further austerity measures to be put in place; possibly causing yet more political and civil unrest in the country. Furthermore, analysts are beginning to agree that any further fiscal cuts represent an inevitable prelude before Spain › Continue reading


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