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Why trade binaries?

Binary trading and binary options is one of the fastest growing investment products right now. Many new binary traders get excited by the choice of instruments and huge rewards binary options can give you.
Trading binary options is both easier to understand and easier to trade compared to stock market options.
You can start with as little as $100/£100 when funding your binary trading account. Read our brief guide how you get started to trade binary options>>.

Binaries give flexible trading

With binary trading, you always have a lot to choose from. Most binary brokers let you trade major stocks, currency pairs, indices and commodities with the click of a button. And best of all, it’s in the same trading account.

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How is binary options traded?

As a European options, binaries can only be exercised on expiry date. You can choose options expiring the next hour, day or week. It’s all up to you.
If your options settle in-the-money, you receive a pre-defined amount in your chosen currency. But if your binary options settle out of the money, your options become worthless. Obviously, this provides a simple and huge potential, but also a big risk. Make sure to trade binary sensible, and start trading with small amounts.

What about binary option pricing?

Pricing on binary options depend on how many are trading on a certain outcome. Each option contract is worth the probability of the event happening. As an example, if a binary has a value of $100 and the last trade was at $96, it’s an indicator that 95 out of 100 believes the event is going to happen.

How to succeed with binary option trading?

Want to know some expert advice for binary trading? Read more about smart trading strategies>>.

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